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West Point. Stuck and Soaked

So, I got to West Point late yesterday afternoon and the forecast called for rain all day today, so I booked a second day here and used the time to explore and to rest a little.

West Point is the home of the United States Military Academy, the Black Knights of the Hudson.

Legends in American military history have attended here. Lee, Grant, Pershing, Macarthur, Patton, Bradley, Eisenhower, Westmoreland...and on and on.

I decided to hit the visitor center and museum first since the weather was threatening.

Before it was the national military academy West Point was a fortress standing prominently above the Hudson River. Its location was of high strategic importance during the 1700's.

The cadet uniform at West Point has changed very little from the start.

A young Robert E. Lee. Lee had the highest GPA in West Point history until Macarthur.

Ulysses S. Grant.

Dwight Eisenhower.

George Patton.

A football sweater from the 1920's. They'd die down in Georgia.

General Westmoreland's uniform.

There was much more to see at West Point (before I got soaked and had to abandon my self-guided tour), but the weather and the hills around me seem to be making it hard to upload photos, so I promise to send more tomorrow.

Thanks for riding along with me.

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