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Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine

So, today's post will be a short one because today wasn't about sightseeing as much as it was about riding.

Don't get me wrong. There were lots of beautiful sights to see along my way, but if I'd stopped at every point that I saw something pretty, I'd never make the 6 hours saddle time that I needed to make in order to reach Bar Harbor before too late.

When I got up in Montpelier this morning, the temperature was FORTY TWO degrees, so I went into full leather on top of everything else I owned.

Luckily I had the leathers, my baja sweater and my arab do-rag, all of which pretty much live on the bike. That, and the heated grips and seat made it tolerable until the fog burned off and it turned into a beautiful, cool, sunny day for a ride across New England.

To get from Vermont to Maine, the route is US highway 2 which cuts straight across the whole way. The road is not in the best shape in a lot of places, but the beautiful scenery made up for it.

Soon I had left Vermont and made it to New Hampshire. Only a little while later I made it to Maine.

I stopped at the Indian dealership in Augusta, Maine in search of a tee shirt. I collect them and have them from several states. They were out of my size but promised to send me one and wouldn't let me pay for it, Instead they just thanked me for coming by.

They turned me on to a nice little pub called the Black and Tan where I grabbed some lunch before heading on to the coast.

I wasn't the only biker there.

The scotch egg covered in bacon and gravy served over mashed potatoes is way good. A Scotch egg is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage and then deep fried. These folks have improved on the original by covering it with gravy and adding two strips of bacon. That's a lot of good on one plate!

Everywhere on this leg of the trip there have been "Moose Crossing" signs. I don't understand how they taught the Moose to cross precisely where those signs are, but it's pretty cool that they apparently did.

Anyway, before long I arrived in Southwest Harbor, on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

There's not much to it, but it's beautiful here.

Here's the lobby of my hotel.

And here's my room.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow after I explore a bit.

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