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Route 66 Across the Land of Lincoln

Big Ride 22

Day 4

Chicago to Springfield

This morning the trip across America via Route 66 got started in earnest.

I was in the saddle by a few minutes before eight and we were off. The official start of Route 66 is the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Adams Street, and from there it was down Ogden Avenue, right through the middle of Chicago.

The weather was beautiful, especially after the last two days of rain. It was cool and clear, about 72 degrees, with not a cloud in the sky. Perfect riding weather.

I have to be honest here, I don’t remember which of these came first, but here they are…

Dick’s Towing on Route 66.

The Gemini Giant at the Launching Pad restaurant.

The Blues Mobile (It was the model before the catalytic converter so it ran good on regular gas), just outside Joliet.

The mural at Pontiac.

The Dwight Texaco Station. It was in operation on Route 66 for exactly 66 years.

And inside the station. The original fire engine at Dwight. The guys hanging out there were super cool.

Arriving in Atlanta (it ain't the ATL).

Paul Bunyan. They used to sell chilidogs at Bunyan's Diner. The big man here is all that is left of all that.

Lincoln’s Tomb.

Lincoln’s sarcophagus.

Today was a good ride across the heart of America, and Springfield turned out to be a nice little town. Rachel at Celtic Mist and Key at the Brauhaus were both really nice.

Tomorrow it's off to Saint Louis.

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