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Homeward Bound

This morning after a pretty good night's sleep I explored Bar Harbor a bit before taking that hard right turn on US 1 south and heading for home.

Bar Harbor is a very pretty little village and it definitely caters to tourists. It's like a boutique with moose this and lobster that and maple everything in between.

I was here once before, back in 2006 after coming home from Iraq. Like this, that too was a solo road trip, but my head these days is in a lot better place than it was that year after Baghdad.

Bar Harbor seems to be just one little shop after another.

Windjammers in the harbor.

Whale watching tours.

The poor lobster has little chance here. They LOVE to eat them.

The colorful markers for the lobster traps.

Even the moose are wearing masks here.

I found the closest American Irish pub to Ireland.

I love pubs. A pub is a public house, which, in old times in England, Scotland and Ireland was usually an inn that also served food and drink to it's guests. Travel was difficult and sometimes dangerous back then and a pub was a welcome place to rest and refresh. In Germany they have the gasthaus, or guest house, which is the same thing. Now, in the country pubs of Ireland, folks will come in for lunch and a pint before going back to work. On weekends families will come and folks will bring instruments and a traditional Irish jam session will often happen. What's funny is that out in the country, the pubs close by about 11 in the evening. It's a lot different than the rowdy bars here in the States. I think that's why I always search for the pub, because there's always someone there willing to have a conversation. It's just a completely different vibe.

Down the road from Bar Harbor was the beautiful village of Camden.

Finally, I made it to Portland, my destination for today. A good ride over some beautiful country.

Tomorrow it's off to Boston.

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