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Left Portland a bit late in the morning today because I wanted to check out Old Port in the daylight, so I decided on a later departure than usual after a breakfast on the pier.

The fish here is fresh, very fresh. Saw this boat come in while I was having my biscuits and gravy. That's a tuna they're unloading.

Then it was off to Boston. So much history here. One can see it all in one day by walking the Freedom Trail.

So I did. Here's what I saw...

The Massachusetts State House.

The burial ground where Sam Adams, John Hancock, and the victims of the Boston Massacre rest.

Here is the site of the Boston Massacre.

Here's the old North Church where Paul Revere hung one lantern to alert the patriots that the Redcoats were coming by land to Lexington and Concord.

Here's Paul Revere's statue in the mall named for him.

Here is his house.

I've been inside and it's an excellent example of how families lives in the late 1700's.

Sam Adams, a contemporary of Revere. He was one of the organizers of the revolution. Later he signed the Declaration of Independence and served as Governor of Massachusetts.

Benjamin Franklin. Another patriot and organizer of the rebellion.

The Green Dragon Tavern, where the Patriots used to go to talk treason.

Here's a painting that hangs inside the tavern depicting how it might have looked back then.

The monument atop Breed's Hill honoring the Americans who defended there against the British attack. After the battle, erroneously called Bunker Hill, which the British won at a cost of half their men, American Daniel Morgan said "I wish we had another hill to sell them at that price."

Colonel William Prescott, commander of the Colonials at Bunker Hill.

Some of the beautiful row houses now on the hill.

Not a very good picture of the USS Constitution. She is America's oldest naval vessel on active duty and is presently the only active duty vessel having sunk an enemy vessel in combat. She was not open for visitors today. I've been aboard before and it's really worth seeing if you are in the area. They fire one of her cannons daily.

The Union Oster House. A favorite of John F. Kennedy when he was in the neighborhood.

Saint Stephen's Catholic Church, where the Kennedy family worshipped.

Tomorrow I'll try to explore a little bit more.

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