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Bewitched in Salem

Took a day off from long rides today and did a short day run over to Salem, Massachusetts.

Salem is one of America's oldest towns, settled in 1626.

Roger Conant is given credit for being the first settler here. There's a statue of him in the Salem Green.

Salem is most well known for its famous witch trials back in 1692. During that time 200 people were accused and 20 hanged (along with one clergyman and two dogs) for being engaged in the practice of witchcraft. Most were young women.

There is a memorial to them here. It is really quite sad.

It is very modest and one would literally step right over it if one weren't looking. The roses gave it away for me. In the granite are quotes from the trials such as "I swear I am innocent" among other things.

Each of the convicted has a spot where flowers are left for them.

Rebecca Nurse

Sarah Good

Bridget Bishop

They were the victims of an ignorant, superstitious, puritanical system of justice in which one was, in these cases, apparently guilty until proved innocent.

A placard describing the witch trials.

This is the original town hall in which the trials took place.

The oldest church in Salem.

A plaque celebrating their 300 year anniversary. They may well reach 400 years in my lifetime!

Maybe this is why they have lasted so long.

This building, from the 1690's, was the home of the judge who presided over the infamous trials.

Now, in Salem, they sort of celebrate the witch thing, as if every day is Halloween. Here's a picture of a very silly statue of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens in the popular 1960's show, "Bewitched."

Witchcraft is if course still practiced and at best it's a very neo-paganistic way of living in which the worshipper confuses worshipping the created instead of the creator. At worst, it's even darker. Bad juju.

In my own experience, dealing with witches can be both unpleasant and expensive.

If you find yourself in contact with a witch, call in the Holy Spirit...and maybe a good lawyer!

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