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Coast to coast...and back. Atlantic to Atlantic. Twenty four states in four weeks. In excess of 7,500 miles...more than the straight line distance from Savannah to Tokyo, somewhere between a quarter and a third of the way around the world.  

But that wasn't really what it was all about. It was about an act of gratitude to God for the grace He's shown me in my life. It was about letting people know that God loves us all and that He wants a relationship with us. We are never alone. And it was about our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are persecuted in almost unbelievable ways just because of their Christian faith and unwillingness to bow to Islam or other forms of fascism. 

It seems unfathomable here in America that in other places of the world it's illegal to have a Bible, or that one might be run out of their ancestral homeland, or imprisoned, or beaten, or tortured, or murdered just for believing in Jesus. 

But it's happening...every day, all over the world. We cannot sit idly by and let the least of us die horrible deaths while we watch Andy Griffith reruns. We can't dress in our Sunday best and wonder during the sermon where we might do lunch while others starve. We have a moral obligation, a duty to help those who cannot help themselves. To whom much is given, much is expected. 

There are people in this world who have relatives and friends whom they don't know if they will ever see alive again. 

A person asked me the other day why I chose Voice of the Martyrs as a charity to help as opposed to some charity here in the States. It's easy. We have a safety net here. Even the poorest of our "poor" here in the States are rich relative to some of the places I've been to and seen. It's unbelievable. And no one here is in fear of their lives for their faith. I wanted to help those who have no hope. I wanted to be a part of even a brief respite from their pain and fear. 

It's never too late to help, to pray, to tell a friend, to donate. I invite you to go to Voice of the Martyrs and like their page so you can get updates on what's happening and how you can help. 

Thanks to everyone who has gone along with me on this year's Big Ride and prayed, or shared, or donated. Next year, Lord willing, it'll be up the east coast to Canada and back. 

God bless you.

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