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America's Heartland

Yesterday I spent the day riding down the banks of the Missouri River through Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

While in Iowa I came across this plaque.

I happened to pass the Floyd monument while riding south. It looks like a smaller version of the Washington monument. 

Its size and position on a bluff high above the Missouri River make an impressive sight.

Crossing the Missouri into Omaha, Nebraska meant that Yamacraw and I had ridden in every state in the continental US west of the Mississippi. 

Got to Leavenworth, Kansas, and was put up for the night in the home of my good buddy Jack and his super awesome wife, Marsha. Jack and I go way back, having served together at Fort Stewart in 2004. Both of us are looking much more "distinguished" nowadays. Marsha has her own business making and selling...get scented candles. I smelled several and they are right on the money. Jack is Marsha's research and development partner. He has years of field work under his belt. They put me up in their gorgeous home in Leavenworth, a suburb of Kansas City and home to the US Army Command and General Staff College and the US military prison. The difference between the two is purely upon which side of the wire one resides. Jack and Marsha have a home there that was built in the 1880's and if you like old, historic homes, you'd love theirs. We had steaks and beer and had a great time catching up. When I left, Jack gave me a monster-sized donation (just like last year), himself having seen the fate of many Christians in Iraq while serving there. Thank you, Jack and Marsha. God bless Y'all!

From Kansas City it was on to St Louis. Pictures tomorrow!

God bless!

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