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Why I'm Riding

So, I landed in Boise last night late and scheduled a service for the bike this morning. They told me to give them three hours. I asked what was to see in Boise and they told me..."There's a really good air museum right up the road." So, for the second time in a row I started my day at an air museum. This one is the Warhawk Museum and it's very, very good. 

Since the bike was in the shop, I had to Uber to the museum. That's when I met Godefreoid. 

Godefreoid is a smiling, happy, personable, handsome young man from the Congo. He has been here in the States for four years. He knows all about the violence happening to Christians in Africa...not only in the Congo, but also in Rwanda and in Uganda. He has family still there. He hears of the mistreatment and abuse of women and young girls in his home. He has no way of knowing if that violence has reached his mom or sisters. He knows of the corruption of the politicians, the weakness of their military..he volunteered to tell me many stories...of whole villages murdered by Muslim fascists...while the army sat nearby, frozen with cowardice. He showed great interest in what I was doing...and asked if it might be possible for America to come and tell their leaders how to fight the Muslims...and as I got out of the car, he said "God bless you, sir." 

He's why I'm doing this. He and his mom, and his sisters, and countless other brothers and sisters in Christ who are at risk just because of their faith. 

So, who have you told about what I'm doing and why? 

That's today's blog. 

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