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Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin

Left Chicago a little bit late this morning because I wanted to give the Route 66 Indian Motorcycle Dealership a chance to open so I could grab a shirt. The guys there were super cool and gave me a couple of nice Indian bandanas for free. 

From there it was due west through some of the most beautiful farm country I've ever seen. Rolling hills and broad vistas. Beautiful country.

Mid way through the day I stumbled onto the little valley town of Galena, where General and President Ulysses Grant lived. I stopped and toured his house.

The house was given to the city after Grant passed away and 90% of the furnishings are original. 

This was Grant's library. The Bible on the table weighs 15 pounds.

Grant's parlor. Only the piano is not original and he liked the green chair so much that he took it to the White House with him. 

A painting of the surrender at Appomattox.

The dining room.

This urn was given to the Grants by the people of Yokohama, Japan.

A print of famous Union and Confederate generals.

The Grant bedroom.

One of the son's bedrooms.

The kitchen.

The house from outside.

The house is located in Galena, a former lead mining town. 

I could have stopped in...I'm a life member.

It may be the prettiest little town I've ever seen. Just beautiful.

It only has one main street.

This is the lobby of the DeSoto House hotel.

Inside the hotel.

The balcony, where Lincoln once gave a speech while visiting.

Met a great young man named Ken (no relation), who worked at the hotel and who has just started riding. Be careful, Ken. The bug bites! 

Crossing the mighty Mississippi.

From Galena it was just a few minutes before I was in Iowa. 

And then into Wisconsin.

Rode up the banks of the Mississippi all the way to LaCrosse, where I stopped for the night. Had a bowl of Wisconsin beer and cheese soup at Buzzard Billy's. 

With a name like that, what could possibly go wrong? 

On to Minnesota! God bless!

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