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Up early this morning so as to hit two museums and I'm glad I did. 

First, the Chicago Museum of Natural History. 

This place is amazing. Mummies, every kind of bird, dinosaurs, exhibits from Ancient America, China, Tibet, and the South Pacific...I must have walked 20 miles. I spent four hours plus there and my Dawgs were barking...but it was well worth it. 

After all the walking at the Museum of Natural History, it was time for some lunch, so I hit The Burghoff...a German restaurant that's been in Chicago since the late 1800's. 

The Jagerschnitzel is excellent there.

Then on to the Museum of Science and Industry. I thought no the first place was big. This one houses a German submarine, a 727 airliner, trains, and can even make its own weather. 

This is the U-505, a German U boat captured during World War Two. They dug a hole, and built the sub pen around the boat. Lots of super cool interactive things...and one can tour the inside of the sub. Amazing.

That's a real 727 (which is now a flight simulator), a real Stuka, a real Spitfire, and a real of several here. And you think moving a sofa is a big deal?

They can make their own storms and tornadoes here.

How about a scale model of Chicago that lights up and has trains, subways, and the loop? I was nine years old all over again.

Time for dinner and...Holy Cow! I ended up at Harry Caray's steakhouse...the place is jammed with cool sports memorabilia.

Finally it was time for one last pint, at Fado, an Irish pub here...a good one, as a matter of fact. 

Chicago is a great town and I met a lot of really cool people here. They all liked what I am doing and all of them promised to look me up...I hope so!

Here's some additional pictures...

Today I'm headed to Dubuque, Iowa and then to La Crosse, Wisconsin partly via the famous Route 66. 

If you're enjoying the blog, help me by telling a friend. 

See y'all soon. God bless!

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