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Into the Clouds and Down from the Mountain.

Yesterday began in Franklin, West Virginia, under a light, but steady rain. 

There was nothing to do but sleep another hour and see if the weather man was right about it breaking around o800.

It did, and we took off, under very foggy and cool conditions...59 degrees, and even though it wasn't raining, everything was still damp, because as high as we were, we were essentially riding through the clouds. Fortunately, I had my nice Indian windbreaker that my buddy, Doc got me for my birthday. It was perfect for the weather...riding in style!

As I wound through the curves of the Monogahela National Forest, it was an ear-popping, jaw dropping experience. It looked in places as though we were in European Alps. I stopped at an overlook to take a quick video of Germany Valley...which looked a lot like it's if we were in Bavaria. Just beautiful. 

The winding, wet roads demanded unbroken attention so we took it slow and easy, staying in the lower gears so as not to get caught in too high a speed coming around curves and down grades that varied between 5 and 7%. 

West Virginia was naturally beautiful, but I can't help but have the feeling that life can be hard here...especially in the winter. Small farms cling to the base of mountains and villages string themselves along riverbanks and creeks in the valleys.

Soon the mountains of West Virginia gave way to the cornfields of Ohio. 

I passed through several country towns, including New Lexington, where they honor their service people past and present by hanging banners with their name and picture from every light post in town...a neat idea. I also passed through Somerset, home to Union General Phil Sheridan, where there is a statue of him in the town square, which looks like it is largely unchanged since he lived here.

Before supper I had arrived in Columbus where my friend Bill and I had a chance to catch up. Bill and his wife June are dear friends to us and it was great to see him after so long. 

We took the chance to have dinner together at Fado Irish Pub. It was a good decision. 

Up early tomorrow bound for Chicago. Tell someone about what I'm doing, or simply share this website. Thanks and God bless. 

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