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What now?

I rode across the country and back. 6,500 plus miles. Twenty four days. Seventeen states.

So, what?

If the ride is the extent of the mission and ministry, then it's over and was little more than a stunt... something to brag about in casual conversation.

In order for it to matter, the Big Ride has to be more. It has to be the start of something more, a shift in thinking and in living that can be an example for others in the hope that it might change their lives and in turn, change those around them, and so on.

We all need encouragement. We all need hope. We all need love. We all need to feel as though we matter. In at least some degree, we all need the affirmation of others.

Encouragement, hope, love, affirmation...we all have the ability to give this to others free of charge and it costs us nothing to give it.

It's not about being a saint, or about being perfect. None of us can get there from here. It's about being better than we were yesterday...or the day before...maybe not every day, but maybe most days. Think about how much better our world would be if we all dedicated ourselves to the encouragement of others.

I met dozens of priceless, irreplaceable, precious souls who all had hopes, dreams, fears...our country and the rest of the world is full of them. They all had a story. They all wanted happiness. Isn't that what we all want?

That goes for Christians everywhere, many of whom continue to be denied happiness or even safely...basic civil and even human rights because of their faith. We, who are able, need to be helping them too.

God loves us. All of us. Even the broken ones of us (I'm proof of that). He wants us to love Him and each other.

I'm going to keep riding every chance I get to keep spreading the word and to hopefully inspire others to give God a chance, to be better towards each other, and to help our brothers and sisters in need. I hope you will ride along with me.

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