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The Stretch Run Homeward

Since late last week, there has been a little bit of concern as to what effect the weather might have on the last days of "the big ride". Up until now I have been very blessed that I have had very little rain with which to contend (heat, however, is another story entirely). It sprinkled a bit in Nevada near Eureka when I met JJ the Canadian Snidely Whiplash, and there was a little rain as I entered Kansas City. With a big tropical depression brewing in the gulf, though, the last couple of days could really get soggy and dangerous. So, I decided to skip Memphis and set a course for Nashville in hopes of skirting the weather. The run this morning through part of Illinois was very wet, but after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing as we thundered east-southeast in hopes of making it to Nashville and maybe even Chattanooga before calling it a day. We did so well that we actually made it to the south side of Atlanta before quitting, making our longest run of the trip, eleven hours, altogether. It was an easy run through the ATL though, as we ripped around I-285 at between 75 and 85 mph (just going with the flow of traffic, ya know). Tomorrow will be our last day, and "the big ride" should end in Savannah by lunch time. Here are some pics.

Had to stop for gas in the home of Superman...Metropolis, Illinois.

Then "galloped" through Kentucky...see what I did there?

On to Tennessee.

Nashville. And more BBQ. But here when you say BBQ they know you mean dead pig.

Back to God's country. Finally. Tomorrow: Savannah, and home

I woke up this morning in Saint Louis, Missouri...rode through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and north Georgia. The day is now ending, and on a much better note.

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