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The Folks We Meet Along The Way

This is Derrick and Josh. Derrick is an Arapaho (although he says he was raised in the Eastern Shoshone culture). Josh is a Lakota (they don't like to be called Sioux because they say that name was given to them by the French).

They are from Wyoming where they live on a reservation. I met them this morning in the little town of La Junta. Derrick was interested in my bike. We struck up a conversation and Derrick told me his of tragedy, followed by darkness, followed by courage, followed by a renewal of his faith, followed by being blessed beyond his dreams. He will soon own his own company. Our conversation was without a doubt the best 20 or 30 minutes I've spent yet on this trip. I'd hoped to inspire people, but I sometimes feel I'm being inspired. I wish I had begun this decades ago. I asked them for their picture so that I could pray for sustained faith and for continued blessings on Derrick and his family.

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Post Script

The ride home from Murrell's Inlet was an easy run right down US 17. For the first time, I didn't need a GPS. It was also the first time since Vermont that I wasn't cold. Finally, I was able to ditch