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The Loneliest Road

Leaving Reno today after a brief pit stop at the local Indian dealership to get Yamacraw's 10,000 mile service in.

Reno's famous arch

Reno's pretty downtown Riverwalk area

A life-sized mother and calf whale in a plaza near the river

A 1930's vintage Mercedes-Benz at the National Automobile Museum in Reno. Over 200 cars are there, many very rare.

The trek across Nevada has been called the loneliest road thanks to great stretches of...nothing with only a few stops in between. Monitoring our gas level will be important today and tomorrow so that we don't end up as one of the artifacts out there in the desert.

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Post Script

The ride home from Murrell's Inlet was an easy run right down US 17. For the first time, I didn't need a GPS. It was also the first time since Vermont that I wasn't cold. Finally, I was able to ditch