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A Near Deadly Day on America's Loneliest Road

Well, the day started off nicely as we got underway from Fallon, NV, about 60 miles east of Reno. Yesterday after our nearly eight hours at the Reno Indian dealership, we could find no lodging for the night west of Fallon that was within our 165 mile cruising range, hence the overnight stay there. The morning in Fallon was cool and bright as we headed east on US 50. Our first stop on US 50 was historic Middlegate Station about 50 miles west of Fallon. Our first stop on US 50 was historic Middlegate Station about 50 miles west of Fallon.

Middlegate was a stagecoach stop and a Pony Express station. Had a breakfast of sausage biscuit, egg, and draft PBR here. Then back on the road.

We enjoyed a real panorama of beautiful scenery as we continued eastward.

The Loneliest road is punctuated every 50 miles or so by an old mining town. Eureka was one that seemed to be hanging on while others had long since gone bust.

About 12 miles east of Eureka, my REAL adventure on the Loneliest road happened...

The short guy on the left is JJ. I met JJ after rounding a mountain bend just east of the pretty little mining town of Eureka. JJ (and his bike) we're lying smack-dab in the middle of US 50 where he had apparently lost control at about 75 mph. JJ was not too worse for the wear thanks to having all the right gear. Although his outfit was tattered and his helmet scuffed, he barely had a scratch. Amazing. A lesson to be learned for sure. His gear, especially his helmet, saved his doubt. His bike was banged up pretty good, and he'd lost a windshield and saddlebag. This is where the fun for me starts. I was helping him get the bike up and out of the road, checking him out for injuries, then we began to put his bike back together. JJ and his buddy Chris are from British Columbia and were headed home from a ride to Mexico and back, so they had a lot of gear strapped all over their bikes. JJ had one of those big, thick bungee cords like the truckers use and while I held the saddlebag, he attempted to strap it to the bike. The cord was stretched well when he decided to let go and... BANG! It flew up and the metal hook at the end got me right in the eye (the content of the conversation for the next several seconds are deleted for the sake of decorum). Well, head injuries bleed like crazy and this was no exception. Chris looked at me and in pure Canadian genius allowed, "Wow! You're really bleeding, eh?" Grabbed my Arabian do-rag, and got the bleeding stopped, but I'll be making the rest of the trip with a really nice shiner that has already begun to swell and turn a lovely shade of magenta. People everywhere are gonna think I got my ass kicked in a bar brawl somewhere. The Canucks headed their way, and I headed mine, with me looking worse than JJ. I'm just now making it to the Utah State Line and my accommodations at the positively regal Border Inn. They have rooms, gas, food, beer, and slots here. I just hope they have an ice pack!

A little bit bloody, but no real harm done...

Except to my pride, maybe! Tomorrow, Utah!

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