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The City by the Bay

San Francisco! Rolled in last night, parked the bike, showered and dressed and promptly headed up Nob Hill to the beautiful Fairmont hotel (my lodging down in little Pakistan was a bit less opulent and reminded me a lot of the streets of Riyadh). At the Fairmont I hit the famous Tonga Room and had their signature Mai Tai...and then two Pusser's Pain Killers. Then out to the lobby where a guy was playing the piano...the tune: Georgia on my mind. Back out to the street where they have a statue of me singing karaoke as Tony Bennett. Nob Hill is where all the street car lines cross. Here are the pics.

The fabulous Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. If you remember the TV show "Hotel" with James Brolin and Connie Sellecca from the early to mid '80's, you've seen the Fairmont.

The Mai Tai at the Fairmont's famous Tonga Room. The room is set up to look like a lagoon with tiki huts and ship's rigging all around. It rains in there every twenty minutes or so. Great fun...

The Tonga Room...incredible.

Tony Bennett. They love him here.

The ubiquitous streetcars on Nob hill.

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