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Los Angeles...and a day off!

After the ride coast to coast, I am taking a day to recover near LA.

Everywhere I have gone so far, I have tried to be alert enough to spot an opening with the people I meet to tell them what I am doing and why. I have been fortunate because many folks open the conversation with compliments on what a nice bike I have. That opens the door for me to tell them that I am riding Yamacraw coast to coast. Almost everyone is sort of amazed with the idea of such a ride, and that's when I have the chance to tell them why I am doing it. It isn't hard, because I don't really have to say a lot. I simply hand them one of my little cards and invite them to follow me on Facebook or this website. Many seem excited to be able to do it, and I have actually noticed a few of their names as followers or subscribers. What impact it may have on their lives, if any, I have no idea. It's a lot like being Johnny Appleseed, I suppose. The best I guess I can hope for is to scatter seeds along my way and hopefully they will grow as they are needed. I've met people at gas pumps and working as station attendants. I've met people in bars, cafes, and restaurants. I've met people working in hotels and in shops. I've had very short conversations with some, and longer, deeper conversations with others. Some of these folks are happy and smiling, while others reveal (sometimes without knowing they are doing so) that they are hurting and that something is missing in their lives or that they are facing challenges or difficult circumstances. I hope you will help me pray for these people as I go along. I have no idea what effect I may have...but if this mission, all the time, the expense, and the energy helps to save even one person's soul from an eternity of being separated from God, then it will all have been worth it.

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