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Down in the West Texas town of El Paso

El Paso. The vastness of West Texas can't be overstated. From just west of San Antonio we roared through the beautiful Texas hill country, then into the broad desert...almost seven hours of desert, despite the fact that the speed limit on I-10 west was 80 mph...and we were routinely running five to ten miles per hour over that. What started as a relatively cool morning heated up once we left the hills and entered the desert, topping out at 104. Not quite Baghdad hot, but it didn't miss it by much. Tomorrow we will finally have crossed Texas in it's entirety. People at truck stops and gas stations keep complementing me on the bike, opening the door for me to hand them a card and tell them what I'm doing and why. Have you shared what I am doing with anyone?

The Ysleta Mission in El Paso. Built in 1682 by the Tiwa Indians, it's the oldest continuously operated parish in Texas.

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