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Who I Am and My Story

I grew up in a family that was financially poor. I was the first of us to graduate from high school and worked my way through college. I was a soldier, enlisting as an infantryman and later becoming an officer, retiring at the rank of Colonel. I served our country for thirty-two years. Since retirement, I have been looking for a new purpose, a way to serve God. I want to find a mission and ministry to do something meaningful with the rest of my life. I have lived and worked in the Middle East and know firsthand how difficult it can be to be a Christian there. I grew tired of seeing news of Christians there being mistreated and I decided to do what I can about it in my own way. I have had a wonderful life filled with blessings and miracles in spite of my profound brokenness. This is my way of showing gratitude to God and hopefully being His instrument in some way in the lives of others. I'm extremely rough around the edges, all too prone to be occasionally profane, and I've made my share of mistakes so, while I hope to share my faith with others, it would never be from an elevated position. I'm better than no one. I'm simply trying to be a better person than I was yesterday.

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