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My Route in 2022

Across America via Route 66 on a Motorcycle!

Savannah to Atlanta

This year I'll begin the Big Ride with a short trip up I-16 through Macon in the middle of Georgia and head north to Atlanta for the night. The next day the ride starts in earnest.


Atlanta to Louisville

It's no kidding when I leave Atlanta and head north. From "The ATL" I head to Kentucky, the Bluegrass State and camp for the night in Louisville, home of the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory. If you are a fan, you can get a personalized bat there with your name burned in, just like the pros! 


From Louisville, it's a fairly short run on up into Chicago, the start point for the journey west on famous Route 66, or, as John Steinbeck called it in the Grapes of Wrath, "The Mother Road."

wrigley building.jpg

Route 66

America's most famous highway will take me west about 2, 448 miles on a 15-day trip through Saint Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Winslow, The Grand Canyon,                and Santa Monica

(with a whole lot of stops in-between!).

hollywood blvd.jpg

Santa Monica to L.A.

After conquering Route 66, it's a really short run down the Pacific Coast to LA, where I hope to visit friends, and maybe become a movie star. 

LA to San Diego

Another short day after the big, cross-country run will take me down the coast to San Diego. 


San Diego east!

The trip back east will be (hopefully) a quick one, about a week. The route is along I-10 east from San Diego to Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, and then home.  

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