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What is
Riding for the Nazarene?

I go on a solo, long-distance motorcycle ride annually to spread the Good News about God’s love for all His people and to raise awareness about and support for oppressed Christians worldwide.

Riding for the Nazarene is my personal mission and ministry.

Follow me on the blog page of this site as I ride across America. 


Spreading the Good News

God Loves You!

On my way across the country (and back) I plan to share my faith with whoever will listen, not in an elevated  "I'm better than you because I am a Christian and I'm perfect" way, but in a way that gives credit to God for all of His miracles and blessings in my life, in spite of my own failings and brokenness. I want to give people hope and encouragement through the knowing that God loves us all. 


Aiding Oppressed Christians Worldwide

In many places in the world, Christianity is under assault.

This is the Arabic letter "N" for "Nasrani", or Nazarene...the Arabic pejorative for Christian. It was painted on the doors of Christian homes and businesses in Northern Iraq by ISIS, much like the Nazis did to the Jews in the 1930's. Those Christian families fled their ancestral homelands with little more than the clothes on their backs rather than converting to Islam. I am supporting Voice of the Martyrs, an international organization that provides direct aid worldwide to Christian refugees and victims of militant Islamic terrorism and other forms of fascism. Go to to learn more about these great folks.


Why am I doing this?

These people are why. They are Christians. This family and hundreds, maybe thousands like them are losing everything for their faith. They had to flee their homes rather than convert to Islam or die at the hands of ISIS. Can you imagine that? Go online and see the dozens of pictures documenting the brutality they suffer. Christians all over the world are being persecuted for their faith; run out of their homes, beaten, imprisoned, murdered. It's everywhere. In Africa, the Middle East, the Far East. Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world. They need help, and this is how I have chosen to help them in my own small way. 

Will you help me help them?

Three  Ways to Help

And I NEED your help!


Make a Donation

A little goes a long way for those with little or nothing

If you feel called to help me, please consider making any donation you can afford. I am hoping to reach a thousand people who will donate at least ten dollars each, less than the cost of a burger and beer. This money, however, can go a long way for those languishing in refugee camps in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Please donate, if you can, on the "Donate" page.


Help Me Go Viral

Share this with everyone you know... at work, school, church, and with your friends... and do it more than once

Think of how eager we can be to re-post and share a political post or an off-color joke or cartoon or video. Now consider using that kind of connectivity for something really good and desperately needed by our fellow Christians. It's not as fun as watching someone pour a bucket of ice water over their head, granted, but it's still important.


Pray for Me

Pray for the success of my mission and ministry

Please put me on your prayer list and ask God to help me reach as many people as I can, to raise as much money as I can, and to use me as His instrument in all I do on this ride.

Thanks for submitting!

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